100 Silica? Solvent Free?

100% Silica? Solvent Free?

as a ceramic coating chemist, I can tell you that there are no ceramic coatings in the world without a liquid carrier.

When a ceramic coating company claims that they have a solvent-free coating, it means that they are not considering hydrocarbons as solvents, but only alcohol based as such.

In some countries, hydrocarbons are considered as solvents.

When they say that it’s non-flammable liquid, they mean that the flash point is higher than 63 degrees (Celcius).
In this case, it’s considered as a NON-flammable liquid.
The temperature below 63, and close to it, is considered as a low flammable liquid (grade 3) like diesel.

It’s all a big marketing hoax in my professional opinion!
Alkoxysilanes are all hydrocarbon based with a high flash point, that’s all what it is.

Application of such coatings is exactly the same as all others.

That’s just like some companies claim to have a 100% silica product. This is not even an available situation. You CAN NOT apply 100% silica!

Remember the rule – THERE HAS TO BE A LIQUID CARRIER. whether it’s alcohol based or solvent based, and it has to take some percentage of the formulation.

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Iyad Khayat
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