nano, Ceramic and the BOLD truth


A lot of people from the Detailing industry (Automotive/Marine/Aero) do not recognize the difference between nano (size of a molecule – and the nickname of a hydrophobic material which is not 100% correct) and Ceramic (SiO2 / Silicon Di-Oxide – Quartz. NON-HYDROPHOBIC but sealed material).

To keep it simple, I will tell you that a Ceramic (SiO2 – Quartz) Coating formulation (not all of them) includes nano material that reduces the surface tension and makes the surface hydrophobic (beading).
If there is a ceramic coating without hydrophobic material inside, the surface will still be protected from bird droppings, acid rain, UV rays and many more, but will not have the Self-Cleaning / Easy-To-Clean effect, the surface will not bead up the water and there will be no “sheeting”.
It is possible to have a Ceramic coating without hydrophobicity. And it is possible to have a nano coating without UV Rays, Bird dropping and Acid rain Protection. And it is possible to have them both (most common).

And this is why we have to maintain a ceramic coating properly.

Usually, a ceramic coating that contains high solids rate, will last longer because the layer will be thicker and it will take some time Till it disappears.

How to Maintain a Ceramic coating properly?

To maintain a ceramic coating properly so we will be able to enjoy the benefits of it, we will have to use a Neutralized pH shampoo while washing the surface, so we will not remove the hydrophobicity. And every period of time (usually every 3-6 months) we will need to renew the hydrophobicity of the ceramic layer itself. It will also make the ceramic life longer because the abrasion will be smaller.

Anti Scratch?

The most common thing that people say is “oh I have a ceramic coating and my car is scratch proof”. NO, IT’S NOT. it is “scratch” resistant up to the level of the pencil hardness your ceramic coating is. It is strong. But it is not ANY scratch proof. So be careful.

Next time, when someone asks you what is nano and what is Ceramic, please explain properly the differences and don’t let people think that nano is Ceramic or Ceramic is nano.

Written by Gavriel Bechor, CEO – NANOPRO.
IDA – Supplier Manufacturer.
All Right Reserved (C)

Iyad Khayat
IDA – Certified Detailer – Skills Validated